The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo today

Nowadays, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is a place that children and adults alike will enjoy and is a “don’t miss” attraction when in Israel.

In 1990, 50 years after Aharon Shulov opened the doors to the first Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, the Tisch family from New York stepped in and funded the rebuilding of the zoo to what it is today. Today the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is a place where children can pet the animals and visitors can take a train through a wildlife habitat where the animals are allowed to roam free of restraints. You can even pet the lemurs at the zoo. Not all animals are so accessible, though, only the ones that are considered to be safe.

To this day, most of the animals at Jerusalem Biblical Zoo are animals that the Bible has made mention of, even if by unsure interpretations. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo can take credit for saving several of these species that were on the verge of extinction, and some still are.

Admission to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is well worth the entry price (adult= 42NIS).

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