Jerusalem Biblical Zoo History

In 1940, Aharon Shulov and his students founded the Jerusalem Zoo.

Aharon Shulov had always had a love for animals, even as a small child, but he lived in a time and place where he feared for his life on a daily basis and escape was all that could be thought of at the time. Eventually Shulov did escape from the perils of the Bolshevik government in the Ukraine and made it to Israel where he ended up teaching zoology at the Hebrew University.

Shulov decided at one point in 1940 that his students should be able to experience the animals that he was teaching them about and he funded a small zoo within the city limits. The small zoo was not welcomed by the city residents and was soon moved to a larger area just outside the city, about one acre or so, where it stayed for a few years but was even moved from there due to dissension among the residents.

Trying times for the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

After losing most of the animals to disease and starvation during a time of Israel upheaval, most people would have given up on the zoo, but not Shulov.

Determined to make his zoo a place where the animals could be safe and where people could learn about and enjoy the animals, he struggled until he could get the government on board to help him rebuild the zoo.

Still there were not enough funds to make the zoo match Shulov’s vision.

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